Guardian Defender Program - Advanced Handgun Training

The threat of violence against our schools is real, we pray that nobody must ever face this situation. There is no way to
be 100% prepared for an active killer or active shooter situation but you can be a prepared as possible to protect the
lives of your staff and students by acquiring knowledge and training in advanced handgun and classroom education.

Our lead instructor is a Texas DPS trained and licensed firearms instructor with 25 years of handgun and self defense
instruction experience. Schools On Target is a registered consultant for the Texas Safe Schools Program, our instructors
are DPS trained and licensed. Other instructors include professionally trained, retired law enforcement and Military

Those who attend this class should have already taken the Texas LTC class.  If attendees have taken the LTC class and
do not have their license yet, they can still attend.  The Texas LTC class covers a lot of use of force laws that attendees
need to be familiar with prior to our class.  If you have people who need the LTC class, we offer the class for $100.00
per person.  The class is held at our facility outside of marble Falls. This is a one day class that can be completed the
day prior to guardian training.

Students will need to supply their own handgun, we prefer students use the handgun they will be carrying.  Students will
also need a Sepra locking holster or similar holster, 2 magazines for their handgun, dual magazine pouch, hearing
protection, shooting or sun glasses and 650 rounds of FMJ target ammunition per student.  We suggest brining 750 rounds
per student..

Students must shoot a 220 score out of 250 on the 2nd day to proceed to the rest of the training.  Students will receive
three attempts to shoot and pass.

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PROGRAM DETAILS - 24 hr training program - All training is conducted at our facility outside Marble Falls, Texas.

Day 1 (Classroom) This day is all classroom and is designed to provide the necessary training for those who will carry a handgun
concealed on campus. Includes; What’s wrong with society, Safety & security team, Wolves, sheep and sheep dogs, Protecting
yourself legally, Carrying considerations, Active shooter data, The active shooter, Avoid, Deny, Defend, Safety & Security, Mental
health, Arming to defend against a threat, Brain and body disconnect, law enforcement/Police response, Introduction to basic
handgun, First Aid & Trauma intro, Recovery from an event. 8am-5pm

Day 2 (Classroom & Range) This day is 50% classroom and 50% range. Includes basic handgun, tactical gunshot trauma care.  
Students will qualify, shoot 220 out of 250 prior to further instruction on the range. Students will learn the basics of handgun
shooting including stance, sight alignment, grip and hold control, trigger control, parts of a handgun, ammunition break down
and cleaning. Students will also learn tactical trauma techniques for gunshot and other major injuries.  A written test will also be
administered. 8am-5pm

Day 3 (Range) This is day is spent on the range. Participants go through advanced handgun techniques. This is a live fire class.
Students are required to go through the course once, but often students like to run through the course several times which builds
skill. 8am-5pm

Students must supply their own handgun, holster, 2 magazines, magazine pouch and at least 650 rounds of FMJ ammunition.
(We suggest 750 rounds) No reloads are permitted.
Lunch is provided on training days.

Marble Falls has several nice hotels and restaurants. Limit 10 students per class. 5 student min.

Program 1 cost - $ 1,200.00 per student. Tuition assistance available, click here
A PO for the full amount is required as well as 50% to book your date.  The balance is due prior to the first class.

Texas Law Authorizing Carry

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                                                                                  Taught by DPS & NRA trained and certified instructors

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