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The first steps towards creating a Guardian program involve some key factors to be legal.  In the State of Texas
is it legal for a person to carry a firearm on the campus of a school with written permission from the institution.  
This permission should come directly from the Administrator or Superintendent.

An agenda item to allow the Administrator or Superintendent to grant permission should be an agenda item at a
school board meeting with an approval vote. Written permission should be given to each person who will be
carrying a firearm.

Remember that participants in the Guardian Program are volunteers. Providing them with the tools they need to
be successful is imperative. These items include but are not limited to training, ammunition for shooting practice,
handgun purchase, legal protection.

There are other items that need to be addressed, discussed and passed by the school board such as
requirements for teachers and/or staff to qualify to participate in the Guardian Program.  Items may include the
requirement for each participant to undergo a psychiatric evaluation similar to the evaluation law enforcement
officers must go through and pass.

In addition each participant should be required to have their LTC (License To Carry) license and go through an
advanced training class with an annual requalification requirement.

Participants should be free from abuse of alcohol, not be dependant on legal drug use or illegal drug use.  
Participants should also be level headed and free from domestic mood altering relationships.  

Texas teachers and LTC holders must go through a criminal background check so requiring this is not
necessary unless you suspect a problem.  In any case you should have written permission from each participant
to run a criminal background check at any time while they are in the program.

Protecting participants legally in the event of an incident where shots are fired to protect lives is essential. There
are two organizations that provide legal coverage as well as bale and special witnesses. U.S. Lawshield and

Counseling may be a need for participants and others involved in a violent school incident.  Preparations should
be made in advance for this help.

You may also face negative feedback from parents or others when you announce this program, the best way to
handle it is to address it as a necessary measure to protect students and staff and proceed with your program.

If you require any assistance in setting up your program please contact us.
Setting Up Your School Guardian Program